Ardino Uno Board

What is an Arduino?

First things first - Just what is an Arduino? Check out the following links for a brief introduction:

For a lighter look at the Arduino, check out the comic book by Jody Culkin.

To go a bit deeper to understand the Arduino hardware variants and the Arduino’s Interactive Development Environment (IDE):

Arduino also comes in multiple hardware variations to support different types of applications.

What you Need to Purchase

For less than $100, Adafruit Industries offers an excellent starter package, Adafruit ARDX. This package not only includes an Arduino Uno but also all the electronic pieces needed to complete 11 different circuits, along with a experimenter's guide booklet & breadboard layout sheets.

Installing the IDE

This is the program used to write code for the Arduino. Install the software for you operating system and type of Arduino. I’m assuming Vista and Arduino Uno R3.

Start Your Education

Using the experiments guide that comes with the Arduino kit, Arduino Experimenter's Guide (ARDX), and your off and running! Other sites to check out include:

Purchasing Arduino Hardware and Supporting Electronics

There are several online retail stores that sell the bits and pieces to make electronics projects possible. Some of the best are:

Robotics is a popular topic for Arduino and these sites specialize in components and kits especially suited for robots:

There are many shields available for the Arduino to accommodate many needs and Arduino Shield List keeps a running list of them.

Arduino Knowledgebases

Arduino Pinout