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Your standard web page creation tool is woefully unprepared to capture complex technical concepts that require data, math, and graphs, but that is exactly what I would like to do. I started playing around with IPython Notebook with nbconvert as a way to document complex ideas on my website that required a mixture of prose, mathematics, algorithms, and graphs. I got inspired by the blogs of Carl BoettigerDavid KetchesonBen MorrisFernando Perez, and others who are already doing it. I believe that IPython Notebook will prove to be an unqualified success, so I’m assembling all my technical notes here

Several mistakes in the formating (particurally in Markdown and MathJax) ... more work required.

Converting Notebooks to HTML

ipython nbconvert "Configuring IPython.ipynb" --to html

A Gallery of Interesting IPython Notebooks and Questions


Blogging with the IPython Notebook

Other Bloggers Using IPython Notebook

Scientific Python